Top overhaul of marine diesel engine

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Top overhaul of marine diesel engine

A diesel engine is a very complex machine comprised of many different systems working in tandem to combust fuel and get you where you need to go. As with any system, it is only as strong as its weakest link and one malfunctioning component could spell disaster for your entire engine.

As your engine begins to age and the years of wear and tear become apparent, necessary steps must be taken to ensure that your diesel engine continues to remain healthy and functioning properly.

What a headache all that can be! At a certain point, a difficult decision must be made — how much is it worth to you to keep your engine functioning properly?

Diesel Engine Check Up and Overhaul

But if you find yourself confronted with this dilemma, it is important to understand all of your options before making a decision. Other than replacing the engine with a completely new unit, there are typically two different options to choose from when bringing your diesel engine in for service — a partial or complete overhaul. But even so, it is critically important to understand the details of and differences between a complete and partial overhaul before choosing what path is right for you and your diesel engine.

Each option has its own pros and cons, but there will be several procedures common to both. So what exactly does each type of overhaul mean for your vessel? During a complete engine overhaul, as the name suggest, a technician will inspect and replace every worn component of your engine with an original or remanufactured replacement part. In this case, the engine has technically been entirely rebuilt. This allows you to keep the originally intended equipment, or OEM, of your vessel.

Marine Diesel Engines

Again, your diesel engine is a complex arrangement of different components, so each must be evaluated and their issues addressed separately. In this sense, for some a complete overhaul may seem like throwing the baby out with the bathwater as opposed to a simpler partial overhaul. While more economic in the short term, only having a partial overhaul performed can cost you more time and money in the long run as it could mean another trip to the mechanic sooner than you think.

You have the cylinder liners, pistons and rings replaced. While the engine is apart you inspect the cylinder head, turbocharger s and injectors for wear and serviceability. If they pass inspection they are reinstalled without being replaced or rebuilt. At the end of the day, you may not be breaking the bank, but you still have a ten year old engine. None of the other components have been addressed i. In the case of the complete overhaul option, your engine will be disassembled and cleaned, but not with the partial.

Beyond that, you make a choice when problems arise — How much is it worth to me to not have to come back to the overhaul technician in the near future?

You must be logged in to post a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Whether you have been circumnavigating the globe or simply cruising up and down the intercoastal, your diesel engine may need an overhaul! As your diesel engine begins to age and the hours of use are beginning to take a toll, there are practical and financial decisions to be made.

Fortunately you have serveral options. One of the most economical ways to deal with and aging diesel engine is perform an overhaul. This is better than replacing the engine with a new one, as you are keeping the original equipment or OEM of the vessel. This can be important as there will be no need to re-ballast the vessel to accommodate a differently weighted engine. You will also not need to change any of the motor mounts or adjust the propeller for the speed of a new engine and transmission.

A properly maintained engine should be able to receive several major overhauls in its lifetime, giving you years and years of enjoyment out of your vessel. During the rebuild process, your engine is completely disassembled and cleaned.

This is done so that all of the components can be properly assessed for wear and tear. Though initially less expensive, reusing old components can end up costing you more in the long run, as these reused parts can wear out faster than new ones, causing you to have to tear the engine apart to remove components that could have been replaced with new ones originally.

If you are doing a rebuild, you might as well do it the right way first or risk breaking down at an inopportune moment. Make sure the diesel technician will remove and inspect all the pistons and liners, as well as all the other ancillary components of the Ebing. This is the only way to truly know if a component is usable again or if it should be replaced.

Having your engine overhauled can be an intense process, but it will also be like giving your vessel a new life.

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You will be able to enjoy thousands of more hours with your overhauled motor, especially if you adhere to a recommended maintenance schedule and keep up with it.

With a properly maintained engine, you will be able to go longer between overhauls. Marine Diesel Engine Overhauls Whether you have been circumnavigating the globe or simply cruising up and down the intercoastal, your diesel engine may need an overhaul! Why overhaul your current diesel engine? Improved fuel efficiency! Increased engine performance!

Cheaper than a full replacement! Governor rebuild Pressure testing of the Water Jacket Cylinder head valve, seat grinding, and rebuild Valve cam grinding During the rebuild process, your engine is completely disassembled and cleaned.At Marine Diesel Specialists, we sell and install both new and rebuilt diesel engines for vessels of all sizes.

We offer top products in the market, including marine engines and engine parts. We can help you choose the best engine or parts to suit your needs. If you own older or unregulated marine engines, 2-stroke engines, engines with exceptionally high fuel usage, or older engines that operate in areas with lower air quality near big citiesyou should consider a marine engine repower.

The benefits, both economic and environmental, will outweigh the cost. You can count on our expert marine diesel mechanics in Punta Gorda and South Florida to get the job done. There are many benefits to repowering your yacht diesel engine. While many people are concerned with the marine diesel engine overhaul cost, a boat engine overhaul can result in savings. New engines reduce fuel usage, fuel costs, and emissions.

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New engines also comply with all EPA regulations. Our marine diesel mechanics in Fort Lauderdale and the Gulf Coast specialize in high-performance diesel engines. But we also work with a wide array of options for your boat engine overhaul. The dependability, high-performance, low-vibration, compact and sleek style of MAN make them a popular choice. A broad range of engine models caters to all requirements from luxury yachts to heavy workboats.

top overhaul of marine diesel engine

Instead of purchasing a new yacht engine, many yacht owners will complete the repowering process by scheduling a boat engine rebuild or partial rebuild. One of the top benefits of rebuilding an engine instead of replacing one is that the diesel engine rebuild cost is typically much lower. Marine diesel engines have very complex fuel and cooling systems. Oil streaks, discolored paint indicating excessive heatworn belts, and grime in the bilge are all warning signs that your engine needs serious help.

For older engines or engines with costly issues, it may be ideal to start fresh and repower your boat diesel engine. Our marine overhaul technicians at Marine Diesel Specialists and Gulf Coast Diesel can help with your overhaul or rebuilds. Benefits of a Boat Engine Overhaul There are many benefits to repowering your yacht diesel engine.

Benefits of Rebuilding An Engine Instead of purchasing a new yacht engine, many yacht owners will complete the repowering process by scheduling a boat engine rebuild or partial rebuild. Search for:.These recommendation were specifically designed for a Cat D Which is a diesel fuel burning, V8, turbocharged, engine running at rpm, producing about bhp. Engineers can use these maintenance guidelines for similar sized engines should they not be in possession of the OEM's maintenance recommendations.

Maintain a record of "fuel used", "service hours" or "time interval". Use one of these to provide a consistent benchmark for maintenance so as to prevent "lack of maintenance" and "over maintenance". As you can well imagine, it's easy for an engine company to increase your maintenance task so your engine doesn't fail on you making you curse them. But once you have established a set routine, the recommended intervals may be adjusted to be more in line with the actual need. This is called "condition based maintenance".

Well, start printing this page because were going to shorten the task. Harmed with a "go no go" feeler gauge and the manufacturer's recommended specs for the intake and exhaust valves Exhaust to check — 4, 8, 1, 5 Intake to Check — 2, 6, 1, 3. Exhaust to check — 2, 6, 3, 7 Intake to Check — 4, 8, 5, 7. I've created this quick checklist to help me when carrying out maintenance on our ship's gensets. Most gensets on the smaller vessels I've worked on were kW units typically powered by a CatDetroit Diesel 8V92 or the likes high speed diesel, four or two stroke, turbo charged.

The maintenance interval for oil changes ranged between - hours and included the following:.

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SOS is optional and "expensive", but properly used, it can provide a clear picture of the engines condition and provide information to alter your maintenance practices. Change filter every other service hrs - Racor recommends every hrs but we've run them up to hrs Check governor mounts, clevis pins and connections. A runaway engine can ruin your day - been there, done that.

Check air intake filter. Replace if you can't see daylight through the edge of the pleats. Check turbo end play for axial and radial play.

Also check condition of compressor blades - foreign object damage and cracks. Check fresh water header tank for level and proper conditioning. You don't specifically need antifreeze glycol but your diesel does need a conditioning agent.

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Check all the plugs around the sea water piping and heat exchanger they might need new zincs to prevent galvanic destruction. Check engine mounts. Detroits are particularly bad for this.Then our marine diesel engine overhaul service is just what you need! An overhaul of your engine can give your vessel. No matter how well maintained, all diesel engines will accumulate wear and tear over time. Ensuring that your engine continues to function properly is incredibly important, but can also be an intensive and often expensive task.

Engine Services

At Diesel Services of Americaour professional technicians have the technical expertise to offer you a wide variety of diesel engine overhaul service options for your vessel, truck, or other diesel-powered equipment!

However, while a relatively quick fix on paper, this option can be incredibly expensive. As these tasks begin to mount, so will the invoices. Having an engine overhaul performed is a far more economical way to deal with your aging diesel engine.

At Diesel Services of America, we offer complete diesel engine overhaul to address common problems and those unique to your own engine, including. Cleaning and inspection of all engine components. Engine Maintenance At Diesel Services of America, we provide all levels of maintenance to ensure your vessel is in ship shape for your next outing and beyond. View Service. Generator Repair Enjoying your vessel is supposed to be a comfortable experience, which is why we provide all manners of generator repair!

You Deserve The Best An overhaul of your engine can give your vessel. Improved fuel efficiency! Enhanced performance! Cost effective maintenance! Fewer subsequent repairs! Much more! Engine disassembly Cleaning and inspection of all engine components.

Engine reassembly with required parts Test run of engine. Our Other Services.Top Overhaul a. General 1 By top overhaul is meant the lapping of valves and the making of necessary repairs of those parts on the crankcase which are accessible without disassembling the crankcase. It includes the removal of cylinders, pistons, piston rings and valve gear for replacement or service. It is also indicated by excessive oil consumption. Note Winds, and extremes in humidity, temperature or barometer, due to atmospheric conditions or altitudes will cause variations in propeller speed.

top overhaul of marine diesel engine

Loses or gains in propeller R. It is therefore advisable to have mean ground temperature and operating conditions when checking top overhaul need by means of propeller R. It must be particularly kept in mind that observed R. Loose nuts may allow the magneto to move thereby altering timing. Magneto coupling bolts must be tight.

top overhaul of marine diesel engine

Clean strainers in fuel system. If the compression is satisfactory, a top overhaul is not indicated and either the ignition or fuel system is at fault.

Only those tools in the tool kit furnished with each engine need be used for this work. Disconnect or remove the battery so that there will be no danger of sparks igniting inflammable substances. Caution On account of the fire hazard, do not attempt to wash the engine before it has thoroughly cooled. Note If new gaskets are not available, be careful in removing the old ones, and immediately place them between two wooden covers to prevent their drying and cracking.

Never use waste ravelings to wipe parts of an engine because they tear loose and may cause damage later on. Note In order to facilitate reassembling, it is advisable to tag and mark each cable as it is taken off the cylinder. Be sure that these palnuts are removed with a wrench, and are never forced off by turning the cylinder hold down nuts.

The two rear nuts those between the cylinder and the induction housing are the most difficult to reach and should be removed first.We rebuild long and short block enginescylinder heads and crankshafts and afterwards they are equivalent or better than new! We can also custom re-manufacture your engine used in the industrial and agricultural applications.

Some of our past customers have asked that we remanufacture their own personal engines. We have a complete machine shop to service your custom engine rebuilding and repair needs. Wherever you may be in the United States, our price, quality and extensive inventory combined with reasonable and reliable shipping options means that you can get up and running quickly.

Budget Engine uses only quality parts and strict workmanship standards to assure our customers of performance and longevity.

See some photos and notes about our rebuild process. I just wanted to express my gratitude to your staff; I am so glad that I chose to deal with your company. Listed are some of the industries most well-known product lines such as Enginetech, Melling, Rock, Federal-Mogal and Felpro. These are staples in our engine remanufacturing process because of the quality we demand in our parts as well as our expertise and workmanship.

Call Us: 1. Contact Us Warranty Info. Engine Services We rebuild long and short block enginescylinder heads and crankshafts and afterwards they are equivalent or better than new!

Marine diesel engine MAN B&W MC/ME Engine- Construction and Principle

Our Rebuilding Process Begins With: Complete dis-assembly of engine block and cylinder head including all plugs Thermal cleaning and hi-pressure jet wash Casting inspection for damage or flaws magnaflux and pressure testing Precision machining on engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods and cylinder heads Engine block boring, honing, and if necessary line hone and block decking Crankshaft inspection, journal welding, straightening, journal grinding and micro polishing Cylinder heads reconditioned with new bronze guide liners, valve springs, valve stem seals, resurface of valves, seats and head gasket surface area See some photos and notes about our rebuild process.

Jason B. Click to see our eBay listings. Home Site Map Contact. Budget Engine Rebuilders, Inc.


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