Flash tune bmw n63

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Flash tune bmw n63

Their app is easy to use and makes tuning your BMW a breeze. However, the app is only available on android devices. Engine specific guides may be found at the below links guides are in the works. Early in the N54 days, the tuning community was largely focused on piggyback tuning options. Flash tunes were less common and there were even fewer off the shelf solutions. Enter MHD. The MHD flash tuning maps are easy to install and uninstall.

Additionally, you can work with tuners to create custom flash maps. MHD offers the following custom flash options, too:. These are just a few of the many options that may be used with MHD flash tunes. We also touch on these options a bit more in the engine specific guides linked above. Regardless of whether you are installing an MHD flash tune on your N54, N55, etc the process remains the same.

We will start with the required items to flash and move on to. However, there is a solution also works for Android users, if preferred :. Both of these cables allow flashing with iOS and Android. As you likely guessed, you will need to download the MHD app on your device.

This is an easy step as you simply need to pick the correct app for your specific engine. The cost of the licenses are as follows:. Next you will need to pick the map pack best suited to your specific BMW. The map packs must be purchased individually, however you do not need to purchase all of the available map packs.It was first released in and remains in production as of The twin turbo 4.

flash tune bmw n63

Once again, in the engine was updated and coined the N63TU2. This time around the N63 received twin-scroll turbos. Finally, in it received larger twin-scroll turbos and a fuel injector upgrade, to name a couple. With all of these updates, the most powerful N63 variant is making hp and torque straight from the factory. Highly impressive. Even the early model N63 engines can eclipse whp with a few simple bolt-on mods. Later models with the larger turbos and better fueling may see power in excess of whp.

Tunes are typically the starting point for modding the N The most common and beneficial mods include:. The JB4 is loaded with awesome, unique features. Data logging features, on the fly map tune changes, adjustable fuel control, boost by gear, meth injection support, etc.

The list goes on and on. Additionally, the JB4 is quick plug and play installation. It is compatible with E85 mixtures and allows the use of back-end flash BEF maps. BEF tunes can be stacked with the JB4. BMS also offers excellent customer support as an added benefit. For most turbo BMW engines this is our second recommended mod following a tune. Although, in the case of the N63 this mod may not be worth it to some. The OEM intake design on the N63 is very efficient.JordanTuned has a vast world-wide network of exclusive Dealers and Shops.

No matter where you live in the world, support is never far away. Cary Jordan is a highly respected tuner with an excellent track-record in safety AND performance and has worked for some of the top performance tuning companies in the world.

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Our custom calibrations have seen hundreds of thousands of miles, between hard-driven dedicated tracks cars, to massively abusive drag racing and everywhere in between. Going fast is one thing, but being reliable AND fast takes experience.

JordanTuned takes great pride in our fast yet reliable tuning for all modern BMW engines. JordanTuned, LLC is always looking to advance further, break new ground, forge new paths and develop new relationships.

While performance and reliability are very important to us, so is customer service. We use the best tools in the industry to tune and to communicate and will always strive for customer service excellence.

The most well-known and trusted names in the performance industry trust JordanTuned, LLC with their cars. JordanTuned, LLC has built a name based on solid tuning techniques, hard work and trustworthiness. JordanTuned, LLC has been featured in multiple world-wide publications and has a vast network of world-wide dealers and shops.

N63TÜ Stage 1 E-Flash Performance ECU Software

We are true custom calibrators. Performance and reliability is achieved through vast tuning experience and knowledge with safety continuously verified through the tuning process.

Ready to get started? Shop Bespoke Custom Tuning Services. First Name. Last Name. Email Address. Sign Up.

BMW N63 N63TU 550i 750i Automatic Transmission Stage 2 Flash Tune

Merry Christmas and God Bless! Not bad for 98RON!

flash tune bmw n63

Not too bad for our entry level, stock spool units. Look what showed up today from our good friends bimmerpr and panaderiaespana!! A 10lb box of amazing! Amazing food, even more amazing people. Thank you guys! Response to our Black Friday sale was massive! We only have a few spots left before we cut it off. Get in while you still can! Our ONLY sale of the year is here!

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless! No Methanol and no PI!The tune raised the performance as described. The price was very very reasonable. Customer service responded very quick and even called without me asking just to make sure everything went well.

Love these guys. Not disappointed at all, love the ability to flash at my convenience. Very happy overall. I sent an email and AJ responded with the new file within 20 minutes!!!

That is amazing service! Truley professionnel every question that was asked was promptly responded. As for the Program itself So far so good, not sure of the power gained yet until I get it on a dyno but you can really do feel the extra punch. Car went from hp to hp and lb-ft torque in 3 days. Best part Apart from flash tune. Car is bone stock, not 1 modification.

Forgot DA correction, altitudetemp 83 fpressure 30, Humidity Da correction DA corrected time 0 to 60 3. Ess flash tune is amazing and the best flash tune available period.

Also it is the cheapest flash tune out there. It gives you the capability to return to stock at home in 10 mins without sending the ecu. Created with Sketch. Toggle menu Gift Certificate Login or Sign Up 0. E39 5-Series 2. Camaro Gen. SLS 6. Shop by Category Audi R8 Gen.

Alpina Roadster S Z4 2.

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X6-Series 3. M3 M4. SS ZL1.

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LS3 LS7. LP LP You save. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Share This Article. This software is calibrated to the maximum capacity of the OEM hardware. Email sales esstuning.Email to a Friend. Be the first to review this product. Breaking News Product Release! Our tune can be loaded from the comfort of your own home without opening the hood. Because of this new capability, we are including the programming cable with your order, AND discounting the software for this introductory period.

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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Welcome to BPM Sport! Log in.

Forgot Your Password? My Cart. Browse Categories. More Views. Email to a Friend Be the first to review this product. We offer the following with our performance tune: - Stage I Calibration for vehicles with the stock downpipe - Stage II Calibration for vehicles with "catless" downpipes, HFC downpipes, etc.

Characters left: What year is your vehicle? Is this vehicle equipped with X-Drive? Recalibrate Sport Display? What exhaust changes do you have done to the car? Qty: Add to Cart. Details Please feel free to contact us at info bpmsport.

BMW N63 N63TU 550i 750i Automatic Transmission Stage 2 Flash Tune

Here are a few dyno runs:. Product Tags Add Your Tags:. Call us Telephone: Stay Connected. Sign up for our newsletter.Actual gains are dependent on the following: Learn More. Model — Manufacturers use the same engine in multiple model vehicles and often times they are in a different state of tune, for example: C63 and a CLK Black Series.

Both have the same engine, but the C63 has hp while the CLK63 has hp. Naturally the C63 will show more gains as it starts at a lower level.

The engines remain largely unaltered and as a result, final tuned output remains the same, while the gains are lower as the starting point is now higher. Top tier brand premium fuels should always be used to achieve the best results possible. Drivetrain — All wheel drive has higher drivetrain losses than rear wheel drive. This results in lower numbers when testing on a chassis dyno.

Heat, high humidity, and thin air will all work towards reducing engine output. Engine Health — Higher miles tends to result in increased build up and lower compression which can and will impact engine output.

Properly maintained engines will have better performance than abused or neglected engines. Supporting modifications — The highest power levels require supporting modifications. Some Weistec Engineering performance upgrades may solely be used on vehicles in sanctioned competition which may never be used upon a public road or highway, unless permitted by specific regulatory exemptions such as a CARB E. For state specific details please visit the following website.

The purchaser must arrange to return the product s for a full refund. Weistec Engineering holds no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical or other failure when using any aftermarket performance products. This product can expose you to chemicals including carbon black, silica - crystalline, formaldehyde, and lead which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

For more information go to www. The BMW N63 engine is a potent powerplant. Through rigorous testing, on both the street and dyno, the Weistec N63 ECU Upgrade reliably extracts massive gains in the mid range of the powerband as well as substantial gains in the top end making it a top performer in all driving situations.

What does all this mean to you? More power, sharper throttle response, and a complete focus on the driver makes this the perfect addition to your BMW for a much more enjoyable experience for you. Actual gains are dependent on the following: Learn More Model — Manufacturers use the same engine in multiple model vehicles and often times they are in a different state of tune, for example: C63 and a CLK Black Series.

Heat, high humidity, and thin air will all work towards reducing engine output Engine Health — Higher miles tends to result in increased build up and lower compression which can and will impact engine output.Compatible both as stand alone tuning systems or in conjunction with performance flash maps where logging, safety, and fine tuning tools are desirable.

See notes below for each application. F Series N Motor is misfire prone at higher boost levels, often requiring new plugs, coils, or fuel injectors. The BCM is an optional add on and suggested for those planning on running higher boost levels and also attaches to the DME connectors using plug and play wiring pins.

flash tune bmw n63

While the system is technically plug and play and fully reversible, it does involve disassembling and reassembling the DME's electrical connectors to insert the pins.

For boost levels over map1 extra fuel pressure wires are suggested which connect to the end of each fuel rail under the airboxes. We suggest verifying which ones you need before ordering the fuel pressure connectors to add on.

The BCM is suggested for map levels over map1 and attaches to the boost solenoids under the passenger side intercooler. Note boost on fuel gauge is also enabled on this run. Result was whp on a full stock car running E30 fuel. See full dyno testing results on n54tech. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.

This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Be the first to review this product! All Rights Reserved. All manufacturer names, symbols, and descriptions used in our images and text are used solely for identification purposes only. Site Information.

BMW S63 & N63 Engine RaceChip Tuning Installation - BMW *50i - M5 - M8

Please wait Orders Details. Sign in or Create an account. Talk to a BMW Expert See 1 more picture. Our Price:. Mgf Part :. Burger Motorsports. Other Details Warranty:. Buy in bulk and save. Product Details Installation Videos Reviews. Installation Information Installation Time approx 20 Minutes.

Installation Guides How to Install. Product Videos.

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JB4 Add-On Blu Result w F Series JB4 M Enter your name: optional Enter the code below:. More Polaris Parts and Accessories to Consider. Stay Informed Name.


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